Jobsite Radio Reviews

In case you’re not familiar with the term, a “jobsite radio” is a relatively new name for a radio that is used on a jobsite or in a shop (or at the beach, or boating, camping, parties etc) to listen to music. The source of that music can be AM or FM radio, mp3 player, flash drive, and even hd cards like the ones found in digital cameras.

There’s nothing new about listening to the radio while on the job, it’s been done for decades. What is new is the capabilities of the newest jobsite radios. They’ve come a long way from the 110v only, duct taped together, hunk of copper wire for the antenna, single speaker boxes that we used to listen to.

A Jobsite Radio must be Shockproof and Weather Resistant:


As you can see,  these boomboxes are tough.

Before this new brand of entertainment center came along, there was no effort at all put into making radios that would survive for long in a shop or construction environment. It took tool manufacturers to see the need and respond with radios designed to be tough enough to stand this kind of abuse.

The other component that has made this new brand of jobsite radio so much better is the fantastic advancements in battery technology. All of the units in these reviews can be operated with the same batteries that power the respective company’s cordless tools. Some units, when plugged in to 110v will charge their batteries automatically.

The number one enemy of the jobsite radio is dust infiltration. To combat dust, these units are sealed up much more effectively now with rubber gaskets, tighter fitting access doors, and rubber covers and plugs over ports and receptacles. Those dust fighting safeguards also give these radios the ability to withstand moisture, which is also a big plus, especially for those of you who live and work in wetter climates.

While I wouldn’t leave my jobsite radio out in a heavy downpour it won’t take much of a cover (a piece of plywood with a brick set on top) to adequately protect your radio and avoid shortening its life span.

The third essential element that these construction radios have is rubber/plastic coated roll bars. It would be pointless to have a weather and dust resistant radio if it had no protection from impacts from landing on hard surfaces or having building materials land on it.

Here is a list of features shared by just about every jobsite radio on the market:

  • Rugged rubber and aluminum roll cages
  • Weather Sealed Auxiliary Compartments – protects MP3 players and other audio devices
  • Built in battery charging systems
  • Power outlets offer more versatility for job site power (to run, for example, more battery charging units)
  • AM/FM digital tuner, LCD display, built-in clock, weather resistant speakers
  • Runs off of a power cord, but can also be run cordless off power tool batteries
  • Exclusive AM/FM Tuners with Digital Processors – delivers highest reception accuracy and signal clarity
  • Premium Weather Resistant Speakers and Amplifiers
  • Customizable Equalizer and Station Presets – personalized sound and enhanced musical and vocal quality
  • AC/DC Versatility (some have DC outputs for charging cell phones, etc)

There you have it, an overview of what’s available. For a more comprehensive look at the most popular and highest rated of each jobsite radio, read on.





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